Cocktails in a Bag

Have some FUN with a Cocktail in a Bag! Our cocktails are all-natural, portable and easy to make. Simply add alcohol and water to the bag, shake, and serve over ice… or freeze the whole bag for a slushy treat!… Read More

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Margarita in a Bag

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We aren’t the only ones that love Cocktails in a Bag.  The press and people all over the web have been talking about how good our Cocktails in a Bag are.  So what are you waiting for, pick one up

Try a Wine Freezer!

Looking for something new to try? Our Wine Freezers are a great summer treat. Available in Sangria, Peach Bellini, Margarita, and Strawberry. These will quickly become some of your favorite cocktails!

Sangria Wine Freezer

Wine Freezers

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  • “I am now a loyal customer. This is my second order and many of my friends now purchase their favorite libation mix from this website. Lt. Blenders is the best… and I have been drinkin’ margaritas for a long time!… Read More

  • aol_food

    Everyone loves Lt. Blender’s famous frozen concoctions. His Margarita in a Bag, Daiquiri in a Bag and Pina Colada in a Bag are essentially the alcoholic approximation of Capri Sun. But new to his adult beverage arsenal is the Sugar-Free… Read More